How long is a session of Metrowest Bootcamp?
A session of Metrowest Bootcamp is 4 weeks long.
Classes run for one hour.  Typical format is 10-15 minutes warm up, 40 minutes hard work, 5 minutes stretching.
Definitely!  There are several options we can work out with you if you are interested in joining in the middle of a session. Contact us at HERE or at 617-413-1620 to find out more. 
 Yes, if you haven’t signed up for a session but want to come when you can, the drop in rate is $15.
 Just bring yourself and some water. That’s it! We provide the rest! 
YES! Metrowest Bootcamp is tough, yes, but it’s what YOU make of it. There are many people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels that attend Metrowest Bootcamp. You will not feel like the odd man out no matter how fit you are (or aren’t). We can always offer a modification or an alternative exercise if you feel uncomfortable or are in pain. And if we don’t offer one, please ask!


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