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Metrowest Bootcamp is moving indoors!!

We have one last week outside and then we are heading back inside full time. Sunday September 25th at 8am we will be kicking off our CHEAP WEEK! All classes the week of 9/25-9/30 will be $5!!! It's a great time to grab a friend and come on inside to our 10 Central St. location (the Doug Carroll Baseball Academy) MWBC is dedicated to helping the community achieve their health and wellness goals. We pride ourselves on providing a community of camaraderie and accountability to help you stick with it. You can't always do it alone, so come join us!

Indoor Bootcamp

In those cold fall & winter months, you can find us indoors working up a sweat to fight that New England chill.

Outdoor Bootcamp

In the Spring & Summer we move outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and green grass.

Diverse Workouts

Our facilities are stocked with equipment, but we can get a great workout anywhere with just your body weight. We are always cooking up new, fresh routines.


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