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MWBC & MWBC CO Thanksgiving Fundraiser

Join us on Thanksgiving morning for a worthy workout! Each year we host a 6am workout to start your Thanksgiving, and raise money for our charity MWBC Community Outreach. The money goes to our selected breast cancer honoree, this year, the amazing Heather Carr. Check out the link to read more about it. http://www.metrowestbootcamponline.com/annual-thanksgiving-day-fundraiser/

Indoor Bootcamp

In those cold fall & winter months, you can find us indoors working up a sweat to fight that New England chill.

Outdoor Bootcamp

In the Spring & Summer we move outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and green grass.

Diverse Workouts

Our facilities are stocked with equipment, but we can get a great workout anywhere with just your body weight. We are always cooking up new, fresh routines.


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